Yummy, Safe and Healthy treats for all your K9 friends.
Wheat, Corn & Soy free.
Made fresh for each order.
Paypal accepted.

Freshly made to order with quality human grade ingredients.

*Stinky Kisses!
Mint & Parsley to freshen those stinky kisses right on up.

*Blue Nanas!
Blueberries & Bananas for a special fruity treat.

*Oat Nut Cookies!
Oats & Peanut Butter are a perfect mix for any sweet K9 friend.

Each batch of treats is $10 and they weigh in at 12oz each with roughly 25-30 pieces.

Once an order is placed, the batch is freshly mixed and cooked, cooled and sealed. Each order will ship within 48 hours, excluding weekends/holidays.

Each batch is vacuum sealed for shipping & handling.
Shipping within the USA
1 batch ships First Class at $3.75
2 batches ship Flat Rate Priority at $5.50